I’m a computer engineer who loves technology and who can’t stop learning about everything. I’m also a huge fan of the Free Software movement since I have discovered it four years ago when I started at university. I’ve learned so many things from free software projects so I would also like to share my projects and hopefully, someone could learn something from them.

That is kind of the reason that this website has been created, not only to write a little about me but to publish some little (or huge) blogposts from time to time to share whatever I’m working on. Own projects or something that I think could be interesting to write about. Programming projects, OS configurations (Linux), how to create and monitor a VM environment or how to create a program to automate a task.

All that content will come from the blogposts. The rest of this page is more about me, what I studied and what are my skills.


I’ve done a two years programming course where I found that programming is my passion and that I would love to turn it into my job. When I finished that course I realized that there were so many things that I didn’t know so I went to the university where I studied Computer Science. I specialized in Computer Engineering so, although I know about programming, software design and artificial intelligence, I have deep knowledge about design and analysis of digital circuits, embedded system programming, FPGA programming and everything that has to do with systems and networks administration.


Since I started to learn programming I have done projects on several areas of programming such as embedded, web, mobiles, videogames and system programming.

One of the areas that I most enjoy is the embedded programming. Both bare-metal and using Real-Time Operating Systems such as FreeRTOS. For now, I have programmed ATMega, STM32, ESP32, and ESP8266 microcontrollers.

As a web developer, I have used a large range of technologies from HTML/CSS/JS using bootstrap and JQuery to more sophisticated stacks such as MEAN or LAMP (using PHP). I have also developed some REST APIs with Python. From very simple ones using BottlePy to more complex ones using Flask or even entire websites using the Django framework.

I also developed some Android apps and videogames using Unity3D and Java (with libGDX) some time ago.

One of the topics that I am most fascinated by is the Operating systems. The idea of a program that controls other programs is incredible. That’s the reason that I like systems programming. I enjoy a lot using low-level programming languages like C or Rust. One recent project that I have enjoyed the most was the development of a Unix based kernel written in C.

Apart from programming, I am addicted to system administration. I have self-hosted my services (like this website) for more than 3 years now and recently I switched from a 4 nodes raspberry pi cluster to a “real” server where I have a bunch of QEMU/KVM virtual machines and docker containers.